Discipline Specific Environments

Characterisation Virtual Laboratory

The CVL integrates Australia’s imaging equipments with specialised HPC (High Performance Computing) capabilities and data collection nodes using a common environment for analysis and collaboration. R@CMon is helping the CVL to deliver this seamless integration using the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

Genomics Virtual Laboratory

The GVL provides an accessible infrastructure for connecting genome researchers  with their datasets using analysis tools that are executed on dynamically provisioned computational resources – Amazon AWS EC2 and the NeCTAR Research Cloud. R@CMon is helping the GVL to make it available on the Monash node of the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

Systems Biology Institute

The SBI promotes systems biology research and its application to medicine and global sustainability. SBI Australia was established at Monash University last October 17, 2012 with a focus on various biological and biomedical research projects. R@CMon is helping the SBI to bring its software toolkits to Australian researchers using the NeCTAR Research Cloud.

Bioplatforms Australia

Bioplatforms Australia provides services and scientific infrastructure in the specialist fields of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics and bioinformatics. R@CMon is helping Bioplatforms Australia in delivering NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) workshops across Australia.


Underworld is a geodynamic modelling framework capable of deriving viscous / viscoplastic thermal, chemical and thermochemical models consistent with tectonic processes. Underworld runs on commodity computers as well as large distributed parallel clusters. R@CMon is helping the Underworld community in using the NeCTAR Research Cloud for provisioning dynamic virtual clusters.

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