Access to capacity on the Research Cloud at Monash is determined by tenants. Each tenant administers access to the capacity they provide. New users should first go to the Nectar dashboard to attain a project trial or national allocation.

ARDC / Nectar tenancy provides access based the Research Cloud National Allocation Scheme (RC-NAS) Policy, and available through the Nectar dashboard. Employees or students undertaking research at an Australian organisation that receives research funding and/or research infrastructure funds from the Australian federal government, and/or one or more Australian state/territory governments. All eligible researchers get access to a project trial allocation when they first access the Research Cloud. The purpose of this allocation is to provide a frictionless introduction to the Research Cloud that enables researchers, students and support staff to understand the Research Cloud, and how it can be used to undertake research.

Monash University / eResearch tenancy provides additional capacity access to Monash University researchers. It is administered through the eResearch Centre and governed through the eResearch Board. Access is available through the Nectar dashboard. (Noting just as research data storage access at Monash is now through the data dashboard, a research cloud and HPC university dashboard is in development)

Partner shares are resources whereby a Monash University researcher co-invests with their own funds, to attain their own / highly prioritised capacity on the Research Cloud (or HPC). Access to the partner share scheme is done in consultation with the Monash eResearch Centre or Research Cloud at Monash support. Partner shares are considered part of the Monash tenancy in some reporting.

MASSIVE / MonARCH tenancy is the capacity for both the MASSIVE and MonARCH HPC facilities. MASSIVE is a data processing engine for Australian science and it empowers researchers to unlock impactful research discoveries within scientific data. It has been a global pioneer of HPC for data-processing, and designed for image processing and machine learning workloads. Visit the MASSIVE website for access details. MonARCH is Monash University’s internal HPC facility and is focussed on easy-access, engagement, education and community. Contact the eResearch Centre for access to MonARCH.

RMIT tenancy provides additional capacity access to RMIT researchers. Access is available through the Nectar dashboard. For further information contact Jo Dalvean.